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Camping Ranocchio ®

A cycle path that passes directly beside the campsite

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“A bicycle ride”

Halfway between Porlezza and Menaggio, take your bike and go wherever you want safely


Total path


We always suggest to our customers to bring bicycles when they come to us. The location of the campsite is strategic for taking a bike ride. Halfway between Porlezza and Menaggio, you can choose where to go to spend the day. The path to Porlezza is flat and suitable for children of any age. The stretch for Menaggio, on the other hand, can be more difficult, especially on the way back due to the climb. With a total route of 13.35 km, it is made up of asphalted and dirt parts.


To Porlezza…

Beginning of the path to Porlezza


Taking the campsite as your starting point, to go towards Porlezza you have to turn immediately left once you exit the gate and follow the lake to the little house of the reserve. Then follow the numerous signs along the way. It is about 5 km to get to Porlezza. The course is simple, mixed asphalted and unpaved and practically all cycle-pedestrian. Also suitable for children, it is practically all flat and well signposted.


To Menaggio…

Beginning of the path to Menaggio


Path to Menaggio

This time instead of going down to the lake, once we leave the campsite we have to take the road that leads to the main road and turn right immediately after the first house, in the small street. Proceed for a few meters and the road will divide into two paths (as you can see in the photo alongside). Take the paved road on the left. From here begins a long Path of about 8 km that will take you to Menaggio. The path is well signposted and only a small part of the path is next to the driveway. Unlike the track for Porlezza, however, this is more complicated, with a fairly important slope so it requires more sport preparation. Very beautiful and with a breathtaking view it is definitely to do if you feel like it, even better if you have electric bikes with you. Once you arrive in Menaggio, however, you can certainly enjoy a nice break in some bars in the main square in front of the lake, a true paradise on earth.


Elisa and Sofia in Menaggio

Adventures in Porlezza between waterfall and caves

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“Family adventures”

Do you want to take a short hike and then go back to the campsite to enjoy the sun and the swimming pool? So these are two perfect destinations!

Let’s start with the Begna waterfalls…

Pic. by Christiaan Venema

Once out of the campsite, turn left and proceed towards Porlezza. When you arrive at the first traffic light you meet, turn right and you have arrived in Begna. From the children’s playground follow Via Caduti in Guerra and soon after Via alla Piana. From here there is a flight of steps at the top of which you will find a sign for the path known as Ponte Strolech. After a pleasant walk between old rustic houses you arrive at a little chapel where there is a sign board saying “ponte romano – orrido” (roman bridge -gorge). This directs you along the path to the splendid waterfall with a natural pool below where you may refresh yourself in summer. To reach the falls it takes about 30 minutes on foot. Remember to bring your swimsuit so you can fully enjoy this excursion.

To reach the falls with the navigator just add this code on google maps: 24VC+22 Porlezza, CO

and continue with “Grotte di Rescia”.

Pic. by Sander Bom

Also this time you head towards Porlezza. At the traffic lights this time turn left and continue until you find the sign of the caves on your left. Park and go to the cashier (for prices and opening hours open the link below). Once inside, you will see in front of you a beautiful show consisting of seven caves. The route is about 500 meters long and takes about 30 minutes. This site has the particularity of combining caves with a beautiful gorge, the “gorge of Santa Giulia” with a waterfall of 70 meters.

Find out more by entering the site:

To reach Grotte di Rescia with the navigator just add this code on google maps: 2474+MH Claino con Osteno, Provincia di Como



Bellinzona en de 3 UNESCO kastelen

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In Bellinzona grendelen 3 enorme burchten vrijwel het dal van Ticino af dat even verderop bij het Lago Maggiore uitkomt. Door dat dal loopt de route van de St. Gotthardpas richting Italie, dus wie deze burchten bezat controleerde vroeger een van de belangrijkste handelsroutes van de Alpen. Het drietal is door de Unesco uitgeroepen tot werelderfgoed.

De kastelen heten van boven naar onder in Bellinzona:

  • Castello Sasso Corbaro
  • Castello di Montebello
  • Castello Grande.

U gaat vanaf de camping richting Lugano en neemt de autostrada richting St. Gotthardo. Bij Bellinzona neemt u de afslag noord. U gaat eerst naar het middelste kasteel, Castello di Montebello (volg deze borden).

Vandaar gaat u naar het bovenste kasteel, Castello Sasso Corbaro en van daaruit gaat u het centrum van Bellinzona in, en volgd de borden Castello Grande.

lago del piano

176 hectares of beauty: discovering Piano Lake

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“Green Lung”

Does the sun shine and you want to go for a walk without having to use the car? Then we have the solution for you!

Let’s find out what the nature reserve is…

Piano Lake at sunset

The Piano Lake Nature Reserve is one of the protected areas of the Lombardia Region and is recognized as a Site of Communitarian Importance by the European Union. The Reserve encloses a surface of 176hectars, of which the lake occupies 85 and presents, within its boundaries, a true and complete synthesis of the surrounding landscape. There is also much well-preserved evidence of man’s local history: the high-medieval rural hamlet of Castel S.Pietro, the ancient mills…

Cervus elaphus

Many arboreal and floral species can be found in the marsh with abundance of specimens common and rare. The fauna counts over 130 different bird species and several mammals (among which deer and roe-buck).  Fish, reptilian and amphibian population is of considerable naturalistic value. This charming park is set against the uncultivated slopes of Mt Calbiga. Towering over the lake, Mt Calbiga can be considered a true ‘green lung’ that due to its scarce human population, guarantees shelter and space to all species, animal and vegetal.

Discover more here:

…and now let’s start the journey!

Leaving the campsite, exit the gate and go up to the main road. Immediately behind the first house you will find a small road on the right. Enter and after a few meters, the road splits in two, take the one below, unpaved and arrive till the ancient mill . At the junction follow the path to the right. The lake will be constantly on your right. You will pass the Animal Rescue House for wounded animals and the former Camping, which was hit by a land slide. From here follow the hardened road, which curves to the right. Past the old farms and the castello di Carlazzo (Brione), situated on the top of a hill. After this castello take the first path on the right. You are now on the cycling path which will lead you back to the camping site.

Map of the tour of the lake

Villa Carlotta

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Aan de oevers van het Comomeer ligt een van de beroemdste villa’s van Italie, Villa Carlotta. Markies Giorgio Clerici, een milanese bankier, liet het huis aan het Eind van the 18de eeuw bouwen. De plafonds en gewelven in de verschillende kamers zijn aangelegd in de barokke stijl die toen in lombardije populair was. De villa heeft een authentieke Italiaanse baroktuin. In het voorjaar (primavera) is deze botanische tuin op haar mooist. Echte blikvangers zijn de immense Hagen van bloeiende camelia aan de voorkant van de villa. Wandel daarna eens, onder de “berceau” door: de overdekte wandelgang van citrusbomen. Je komt ogen tekort bij de overvloed aan kleurige rododendrons en azaleas die in wel 150 verschillende soorten bloeien.

Adres: viale regina 2 Tremezzo

Via Menaggio, richting Como